[WWI] Re: Hembrug heavy mg based on Schwarzlose M1908/15

Bill Weckel bweckel at procarautogroup.com
Thu Aug 19 10:49:50 EDT 2004

I carried one during Desert Storm, but most other units had re-equipped 
with the M9 (Beretta) by that time.  SGT's and up had to carry a 
sidearm, but we were always short and I did my best to be one of the 
last in line to sign one out.  Had I known I would have been OT, I 
might have been more enthusiastic about it ;-)


On Aug 19, 2004, at 10:20 AM, mflake at airmail.net wrote:

> D. asked: "How many years the Colt 1911 was used by the US army?"
> I carried a Colt 1917 as a side arm in the US Navy in the mid-70s. 
> Earned
> a marksman ribbon with it, too. :^)
> Marc Flake

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