[WWI] Re: PhD

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Thu Aug 19 09:41:36 EDT 2004

It has been noted:

> Not a moose! It's an elk. (  Please note: an elk, NOT Ann Elk - Miss A 
> Elk -
> the  lady with a theory about brontosaurs...)

And the Theory is *hers*.

-Mr. Greenjeans

NU: Online Elk Treatise.
NR(ecalling): Seeing either and each.  Often, from scant *metres* 
viewing distance.
Distinction, manifest.
But no shooting or eating or carving into naughty bits.
ok, I had Moose sausage once and by Gadfry, it pleased.

They are ALL in the Deer family.
Herb E. Vore
Mr. Muse has palmated antlers, the many various autres do not.

Every one of them is a Terrorist, however.
Particularly the cows.

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