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SSH ot811 at msbx.net
Thu Aug 19 09:02:04 EDT 2004

Neil, the Elkjaeger asks
Another question to those who carried models,
was there any problems with security, or otherwise?
------ contrary to their reputation, my experience with US airport security has been passable.  Of the 4 times (2 trips) that I carried a model, only once was the container box opened and casually examined.
On the way to Phoenix with my RE8, the security guy at Washington DC opened the box and poked around in it - luckily this resulted only in a bent pitot and the port elevator came off.  I smiled beatifically at the guy, as getting to Phoenix at all was, in my opinion,  more important than educating him.
On the way back, the security at Phoenix, they had already seen a trickle of models coming through, and they let mine past without molesting it.
PS: I have had no problems with digital camera media getting erased.

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