[WWI] Hembrug heavy mg based on Schwarzlose M1908/15

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Aug 19 07:55:56 EDT 2004

> Among the light weapons on display was a Dutch Hembrug heavy mg
> based on the Schwarzlose M1908/15, but produced as late as 1939!
> Does someone on the list have any ideas as to why such an obsolete
> weapon would be copied so many years after the end of WW1?

>From 1915 to 1939 there was not so much time after all! How many years the
Colt 1911 was used by the US army? The current weapons of most armies have
designs -perhaps modified or improved- that have more than 30 years.
Hey , what about the Kalashnikov?

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