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Wed Aug 18 00:24:36 EDT 2004

Neil.Crawford at volvo.com writes:

Great stuff  Dave, very good site. We have some Latvian 
aviation historians in Sweden,  Do you know Paul Branke?
Apart from one of the biggest stashes in the  country,
he is I think an expert on the subject. I can probably
get in  touch if you're interested.
/Neil C.

Hi Neil!
I do not know Paul, but I certainly know of him.    Any book that mentions 
anything at all about latvian aviation seems to have  acquired photos courtesy 
of Mr.Branke.     Clearly, he is  the man to go to for latvian aircraft images.
Yes, please, if you do know how to contact him, please let him know  about my 
site.    I would certainly enjoy 'chatting' with him,  and maybe he will even 
find something of interest in my modest  collection.    We all have to start 
Thanks for the kind words!
Dave Zulis
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