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<<Such as Lufberry on a SPAD 7. ALso, on the Lafayette Insignia with the Sioux
Indian, there is a small swastika on the headress.

saw an interview on TV with a lady who along with her husband owned operated 
a teepee motif motel....one of those odd stucco thingies one used to see along 
 US highways. Among the decorations adorning the teepees were swastikas, 
inspired by their use in American Indian art and ritual. She said during WW II 
they were threatened with having ther business burned down if they didn't remove 
the offending symbols.
Also, a few years ago, there was an article in the paper about a traveling 
show of Navaho art touring Europe and the trouble it ran into over the use of 
the bent cross.
The American Heritage Dictionary gives the origin from Sanskrit "svasti" 
-well being, good luck.
 One of my oldest clients is a Jewish guy- the first time he was over, he saw 
all the Finnish airplanes I'd painted and freraked. After explaining the 
whole Finland thing... "Finnish FinnishFinnish...NOT Nazi", he bought one of the 
RK...feeling pedantic today...and yes, pedantic likes it
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