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Tue Aug 17 00:15:14 EDT 2004

> O.K., Mr or Ms List Librarian, please reply off line (or perhaps on-list 
> for all the new people) how this works, what's held, etc.

     The list library contains a conglomeration of material.  These items 
have been donated by list members who have had extras of some books or papers.  
These have not been catalogued yet and I'm not sure quite how I would do it.
    All you have to do is ask me to look for something and I will check it 
out.  Most of the time, requests have been for a copy of a single page.  If you 
require an entire book, I'll send it out, you keep it for thirty days, and 
send it back along with the postage I paid to get it to you.  
    If you have any other questions, contact me on or off list and I will get 
back to you ASAP.
~Rick Ewing~
Bill Bacon Memorial Library  
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