[WWI] Bob Pearson's World Cruiser

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 16 19:16:40 EDT 2004


Well, I had the pleasure and good fortune to have a close look at Bob
Pearson's Douglas World Cruiser at the airport terminal in Prince
Rupert, BC, Canada the other day, and MAN, what a piece of work! I mean,
this model is BIG, and very well done. Apparently this makes me the
first list member to see this model in the raw, so to speak.

I got some odd looks from waiting passengers, who must have thought I
had never seen a model airplane before. :-)

I gave Bob a ring at home, but he was not around so I left a message. I
only had about thirty minutes as I was only there briefly on business,
so I had to scoot. 

I will catch up with you sometime, Bob! Nice job!

Will Hendriks

P.S. I think a Sopwith Triplane in the same scale would look "Just the
Thing" at the terminal in Nanaimo. ;-)

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