[WWI] Sanjeev's Wire Wheels

Razonjim razonjim at centurytel.net
Mon Aug 16 15:45:38 EDT 2004

Steve wants to:

"... ban Sanjeev from building anymore models and limit him to making
wire wheels for the rest of us."

It is a fine model, and looks even better the closer one gets to it.

A number of us pinned Mr. Hirve down in a Phoenix bar and made him
explain his process in detail.  I have the six-page explanation,
copiously illustrated, and believe that after 2 hours of supplementary
coaching, I actually understand his method.  It is not simple, but it is

impossible to argue with the results....



Do you go into detail, with photos, in the upcoming Windysock article on
your wire wheel building process?  Is it an evolution of St. Harry's
technique?  The junctures of the wires with the wheel rim looks awfully
good and the attachment of the wires to the central hub is incredible -
especially in 1/48.

Jim  -  Eagerly seeking wire wheel techniques for both planes and cars.
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