[WWI] Products of Interest

Lance Krieg lance.krieg at amerus.com
Mon Aug 16 13:40:32 EDT 2004

Over the weekend, I had a chance to go through the stuff I bought in
Phoenix and evaluate it.  Given the relative dearth of new OT items at
the show, I picked up some useful gizmos, to wit:

A new generation PE roller from The Small Shop, this one featuring a
grooved aluminum plate instead of the old wooden base.  The same folks
sold me a clear PE holder for de-sprueing, a handy little item.  Check
out their stuff at:


I also bought a different type of PE roller, one that will make cones,
too, and an indexed bending tool for creating wire or strip-metal steps,
grabhandles, etc.  These from Mission Models at:


For a large variety of woods and plastics, along with tools, check


Finally, several of us spent an exceedingly interesting half hour with
the resin man from Alumilite, and I learned more about successful
casting in that period than I had managed to pick up over the last 10
years.  A warm silicon mold is a LOT more effective than one at room
temperature...you can let the mold bake on a paint finish to your
parts... release agents will not effect the quality of the pour.  All of
the secrets revealed at:


Hope this is helpful...


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