[WWI] RE: MK French Alumin(i)um

Nigel Rayner nigel at rosnar.demon.co.uk
Sun Aug 15 19:24:13 EDT 2004

Warren asks:

> I acquired some MK French Aluminum which I plan to apply with an
airbrush, and am looking forward to see how it looks.  
>Anybody else on the list use this paint yet? 


I've tested the MK metallics to try to get a good silver dope finish for
(nearly ot alert) between the wars British bipes. I have to say I was
very disappointed with them. The finish was grainy and not very smooth,
but I was using a brush so they may airbrush better (but you know I like
using some of the other MK piants with a brush). I never used them on a
real model because my tests turned out so bad. So I recommend you do
some tests first. I prefer Citadel metallic paints.


Nigel R

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