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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 15 19:17:22 EDT 2004

Rafael says:

>Welcome to the list from one of those Portuguese guys that are trying to 
>take over the list while eating shelfish and drinking wine, etc...

Yes and notice how quiet and polite it is nw that Pedro is off vacationing 
and not allowing his weird alter-ego Pedor to post.

>The only thing I regret about this list is not having enough knowleadge to 
>put forward to the rest >of the guys, therefore I'm sitting still on the 
>comfortable position of trying to learn, in order to help >the next WWI 
>modeler generation :-) !!!!

Hey, I've been her about 10 years now - and still learn something most days. 
Not as much as when I first came to the list but in return I have had the 
opportunity to build a big library (which is still smaller than many listees 
have), learn a great deal that isn't in the books, and cause endless trouble 
by being certified as list grouch. Hey, it's a living ;-)

Incidentally, just so that the newcomers know -

We have a list library. Apply on list to the list librarian for details.
It's okay to ask for help and copies of *copyrighted* materials on list BUT 
please stay strictly within the legal and moral limits. It's fair to ask for 
a scan of a couple of photos or a drawing for the purpose of personal 
research, it isn't legal or fair to ask for large chunks of books. I'm sure 
I'm not telling you anything new, but it's worth repeating. We do not wish 
to kill the golden goose, just share in the largesse


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