[WWI] Nieuport Aluminum Finish

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Sun Aug 15 17:05:24 EDT 2004

Dickinson wrote:

>     I acquired some MK (misterKit) French Aluminum which I plan to apply with an
> airbrush, and am looking forward to see how it looks.  Anybody else on
> the list use this paint yet?  I'd sure like to hear your thoughts.

Hi Warren:

While I have not used thar colour specifically, the other MK paints I
used were very good. I used them to paint the Noop 28 in IM a while
back. They spray very well, I just cut it with a little Future and
Isopropyl alcohol. The resulting finish cures quite hard and glossy.

> (BTW, is it "grey" or "gray"?)

Depends. "Grey" is The Queen's English, whilst "Gray" is 'merican. :-)


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