[WWI] Re: Weathering and other related topics...

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Sun Aug 15 13:21:39 EDT 2004

Hello Michael -

> I readily admit the weathering on the wings of the Albatros came out a 
> lot
> heavier then I anticipated, I was relatively happy with the fuselage. 
> Since
> I got back into the hobby 16 years ago (when I was 28) I have done 
> armor,
> specifically WWI AND WWII armored cars. The Albatros and Fokker were my
> first aircraft models, I basically experimented with all the 
> techniques I've
> used on armor and some I've heard/read about from aircraft builders, 
> so live
> and learn.
I've only seen ONE picture of your Albatros.
It is "heavy", overall, in my opinion.
What I LOVE about it is that it is balanced and consistent, throughout.
I believe that is more challenging than anything else subjectively 
criticized on this subject and value that above all else in your 
achievement. That fascinates me. Whether or not it turned out perfect 
matters less to me than the fact that you experimented and may have 
something for the rest of us to learn about.

I'm glad you stopped by.
This is an opportunity to direct remarks to you, personally.


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