[WWI] Weathering and other related topics

mdt mdt at iinet.com
Sun Aug 15 13:09:43 EDT 2004

Thanks Everyone,

I agree that "weathering" is very subjective, my opinion is that any
equipment under war conditions would have some wear and weathering. The hard
part for me is getting the right degree. While I like to be somewhat
accurate, I don't worry about being perfectly accurate. I try to make the
finish have "depth", which is hard to explain.

As for the how, after applying the Eduard lozenge decals to the wings I
thought they were too bright. I first misted a "very" thin wash of light
gray on with the airbrush to tone it down. Then sprayed Tamiya smoke along
the rib tapes and panel lines for shading. Then sprayed a little more of the
gray wash between the ribs for fading. Then used an oil paint wash, I use
washes two ways. For panel lines and such I use a pointed brush full and
"spot" touch it on. I also use a flat brush and sort of dry brush it on (for
streaks). I experimented with the washes a lot, putting on and then wiping
some or all off and trying again. I used Tamiya acrylics, and used mineral
sprits to wipe the oil wash off with. The fuselage was different, I didn't
over spray the whole thing. I tried to fade the black and age the white. I
would use all the techniques again, but in much lesser degrees.

Eric, glad to hear someone else likes WWI armored cars. I have a few Armo
1/35 kits waiting ( the Garford-Putilov is on top). I admire anyone who can
build 1/72 armor, 1/48 is as small as I'm comfortable with.

Grzegorz, good question about the Fokker. I did the horizontal "8" but
labeled it as Stec's plane. For reference I used DataFile #25 and the
Aeromaster decal sheet. The DataFile did mention the differences in
markings, but credited both planes to Stec. My references on biplanes is
nowhere near as extensive as on armor, but I'm working on it.


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