[WWI] Weathering and other related topics....

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 15 01:20:16 EDT 2004

Michael Wrote:

>My name is Michael Tsoumpas, I've looked at the WWI Modeling Web Site 
>but never participated in the mailing list.

Michael, Welcome to the List from the Mountains of NC! You will find a 
storehouse of knowledge exists on this list. I have been modeling WW1 for 35 
or more years and am still in Awe of Most members work!

>First off, I have "no" problem with constructive criticism/critiquing of my
>models, if I did I would not take them to a contest. I agree with those 
>said this is a proper topic for a list/forum like this. That said, I thank
>those that where concerned about critiquing etiquette.

For the record, I think the technique is incredible! The effect is very 
consistent if not 100% accurate. :-)
Plaese expound on the method!

>I appreciate the impute, I'm enjoying building biplanes (a subject I never
>thought I would).

Rick G.

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