[WWI] Time to bash Rick : [WAS] Weathering

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 15 00:59:34 EDT 2004

Shane Said:
>So this inspired me to look at the rogues gallery to make critical commenst 
>about your dress sense but drats, foiled by the absence of a photo :-(

Maybe soon I will add a photo for your Judgement!

>THEN I reckoned to make helpfull critique of your models in the gallery, 
>and I *did* come up with a question or two...
>1. The Hans Adam D.V is really nice. I collect techniques for painting wood 
>finishes from people who seem to have figured it out - care to expand on 
>how it was done? Then I can try it and balls that up too.

Thanks: Funny but I Intend to try a couple of the methods I have seen here 
on the List. Mine is pretty basic. PolySacale CDL base, Artists Oils( Burnt 
Sienna in this case), Brushed on, then use a wide soft brush wetted with 
oderless Turps. Draw accross the model removing everything that doesn't look 
right! You have a lot of time to work and if not satisfied can add more 
Paint, or use more turps. In the future I will pay more attention to 
adjoinong panel surfaces. Variations in direction.

>2. I have the Special Hobby SPAD 7 (okay, I have a few) and I want to build 
>one or more using the Americals Storks decals. Have heard conflicting 
>opinions about how well it goes together, would like to hear your story 
>(probably already did but I blew out my short term memory at a party in 

The fit was OK. In particular the problems I recall were:
1. The Resin piece that mounts ahead of the Instrument panel needed to be 
Shaped to fit the gun trough.
2. The Cockpit coaming was too wide.
3. The Resin Cowling
Wings went together relatively well but I replaced one Cabane Strut with a 
metal one from a scrapped BM kit. I messed up removing from the Sprue!
By the way, I had a similar experience. All I remember is drying some kind 
of Plant in the Clothes Dryer,and passing around some kind of Clear Homade 

>3. Looking at all four models I have one criticism. Did you know that back 
>in 1914-18 the invariable had a fan at one end or the other ?

Fans will be added, Thanks for the Heads up, ;-)

Rick G.

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