[WWI] Weathering and other related topics....

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Sat Aug 14 15:34:29 EDT 2004

Welcome on the list Michael,

I saw your Albatros on internet, your technique is very good. I would 
like to have your skill. Anyway, I agree with you and some other about 
the wings, I prefer to see more the lozenge scheme ;-)
I saw that you like WW1 armoured cars, it is one of my favourite 
subject, in 1/72.

All the best

mdt a écrit:

>Hello All,
>My name is Michael Tsoumpas, I've looked at the WWI Modeling Web Site before
>but never participated in the mailing list. I finally caught up after
>returning from Phoenix (where I had Judged armor with Bill Powers) and
>decided to check out the mailing list, I scanned the archives on the web
>site and discovered a discussion on weathering that started with my
>Albatros. So I guess I should jump into the fray........
>First off, I have "no" problem with constructive criticism/critiquing of my
>models, if I did I would not take them to a contest. I agree with those that
>said this is a proper topic for a list/forum like this. That said, I thank
>those that where concerned about critiquing etiquette.
>I readily admit the weathering on the wings of the Albatros came out a lot
>heavier then I anticipated, I was relatively happy with the fuselage. Since
>I got back into the hobby 16 years ago (when I was 28) I have done armor,
>specifically WWI AND WWII armored cars. The Albatros and Fokker were my
>first aircraft models, I basically experimented with all the techniques I've
>used on armor and some I've heard/read about from aircraft builders, so live
>and learn.
>I appreciate the impute, I'm enjoying building biplanes (a subject I never
>thought I would).
>P.S. I think Mark Millers D.VII looks great, I like the

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