[WWI] Bezobrazov project

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Sat Aug 14 13:59:56 EDT 2004

Sobotu 14 awgusta 200419:50, ot811 pisaše:
> I think the tail consists of a fabric-covered frame, attached by a hinge to
> the extreme tip  of the fuselage.  

Two hinges, isn't it?

> The tail has two triangular black 
> metal pieces attached to its front edge, one each above and below the
> fuselage.

Why would those pieces be *metal* pieces? That would be heavy, most unusual, 
structurally unnecessary and expensive. I guess it can be clearly seen these 
are *frames*, most probably fabric-covered like the rest (but with another 

> >>>>> Yours will be a display model, I guess?
> Yes  - 1:48 scale.

Looking forward to see it. BTW, I guess the information about the Bezobrazov 
should be gathered in one place. Why not on wwi-models?



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