[WWI] Bezobrazov project

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Sat Aug 14 10:26:54 EDT 2004

Sobotu 14 awgusta 200416:39, ot811 pisaše:
> Edi,
>    I agree that the plane *probably*  underwent several design changes in
> its lifetime- however, I cannot see any real differences in any of the
> photos except the one in flight (MAslov page 35 -1).  

I fully agree.

> Do note that the 
> rudder is visible in the photo of the crash.

Thanks for pointing out! I looked a tenth or fifteenth time and, yes, you're 
right, of course. And it's the same nice shark-tailed rudder.

>    The flight photo appears to me be heavily touched up, and its tail-booms
> dont look right either - the booms almost look like wings.

I especially don't like the angles between the wings -- hard to tell in which 
direction it's flying, and it doesn't look quite correctly anyway.

>    On the other hand, the GAs from "Tekhnika i Oruzhie", and the Maslov
> book, both differ somewhat from the actual plane, and also, from each other.

Hmmm, the information is incomplete, unfortunately.

>  I have decided to adopt the overall dimensions from the GAs "Tekhnika i
> Oruzhie", but the tail-fin and rigging from Maslov.  Actually, even the
> rigging in the Maslov GAs is incomplete.  Note that the shark-tail
> configuration has to be a one-piece affair.

According to what counting? I agree if you mean that the rudder is one piece.

> According to Maslov, "..... After the crash [in aug 1915], the aeroplane
> underwent lengthy repairs.  It was mentioned for the last time in Febrary
> 1917."

Which is rather untrue, since we keep mentioning it. :-)

> Please do keep us posted on your progress.

I surely will. Please do the same. Yours will be a display model, I guess?



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