[WWI] Charley update

ernest thomas reason108 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 14 09:37:44 EDT 2004

>From: "Buz Pezold" Ernie,
>      The day Nash Roberts dies is the day for New Orleanians move 

Nash Flash! (Remember that old commercial?)
Yeah, old Nash is a great one, and they still bring him out whenever one's 
coming at us. BUt I think the National Weather Service does a really good 
job without him. I remember a fews years back when the satelite pictures 
showed 4 or 5 big storms lined up in single file from the Carribean to the 
west coast of Africa, all headed our way. The NWS said it was nothing to 
worry about because all the storms were going to hook north/northeast as 
they approached the US and then head out to the north Atlantic. I was 
skeptical about such a forecast but sho'nuff, that's what they did.

>Because that's when the 'big killer hurricane' will strike N.O.  Remember,
>if one comes your way you can always come to Atlanta.  I'll keep the light
>on for ya!

Thanks Buddy. Hope I don't need to take you up on it.

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