[WWI] Re: Pigments

Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 14 01:12:16 EDT 2004

Vaso Wrote:
>The pigment mania seems to be growing between modellers, because there are 
>and more companies beginning to offer this product. Those from CMK are 
>on the market since tha last christmas. Another czech company Agama is also
>selling their pigments under the name Patinator (they seems to be the 
>on the market. about 1,5$ for a bottle) You can find more info here:
>http://www.agama-model.cz, but only in the czech version of those pages...
>And I heard that Gunze is also going to produce their own pigments.

How do these pwders compare to Oil Pastels. These work pretty well for me. 
Adhere much better than Powdered Pastels and available in The same shades as 
Artists oils.
Rick G.

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