[WWI] Weathering

Knut Erik Hagen knut.erik.hagen at eunet.no
Fri Aug 13 15:37:54 EDT 2004


Weathering might help to tell a story:

A heavily weathered aircraft with oil stains and bullet holes
might be appropriate for a machine taking part in all-out 
flying operations to stop an enemy having been told to press on 
regardless of losses/conditions and had to evactuate their 
home airfield on short notice and operating out a muddy field.
Here you could call up the tank weathering techniques
On the other hand, hardly any weathering should be present if you 
have the squadron lined up for inspection by General Butcher who
is there to present members of the squadron with some decorations.
This is the kind of situation when good quality pictures were taken
- and these are the ones we are likely to see in print.

Another example would be an aircraft from Palestine, no mud here 
but colours would start to fade after a few weeks in the sun.

Criticism should always be made with due care,
I prefer to suggest possible improvements to the model.
When finishing one of my own models I always think about what 
would have liked to have done differently.

          Knut Erik
(Who compensated for the lack of model shops in Lagos by dropping by
LHS and having a spending spre there when at Schiphol on my way home.)


>--- Shane Weier <bristolf2b at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> if someone experienced has the guts to comment *with
>> some restraint* 
>> on the correctness of the model I immediately learn not to
>> make that assumption.
>I'm with the grouch
>Yes, it would be better if the creator of the model was
>involved, but an honest discusion of things like this can
>clearly benefit everybody.
>Just requires a little tact - and the sincere desire to be
>I think we all qualify here ;-)

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