[WWI] Weathering

Dickinson ibs4421 at onlineky.com
Fri Aug 13 10:15:06 EDT 2004

"We're heading in the same direction with aircraft, maybe we
will have to do the same as the figure builders and split up.
How about a new society, IRAMS (International Realistic Aircraft
Modellers Society)?!"

     Well, the model railroad guys here in the US have done that.  The
NMRA (Nat'l Model Railroad Assoc.) is a great organization with some
great programs, but it does suffer from some of the same problems as the
IPMS.  As a result, the model railroaders, or more accurately "railroad
modelers", have a couple of meets a year here in the US.  The
requirement is that anything they bring is based entirely on a prototype
(they bring their documentation with their kits too!), no free-lancing,
what-ifs, etc.  The result is a meeting with lots and lots of photos
being looked at, lots of great models to see (many in progress models to
look at as well) and some great seminars.  I have never gotten to attend
one, but have heard nothing but rave reviews from those that have
   All in all, not a bad idea IMHO, although I think it would be hard to
get it off the ground.

Catching up on two days of list mail.

PS:  Never in my life did I think I'd see an August day here in Kentucky
with a high temp of 71 degrees F.  Jeez!  My prayers for safety go out
to sp and all of our other Florida members.  (There is another Warren on
the list, he's down there.  Just a lurker though, I can't get him to

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