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tracy hancock atlporkchop at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 08:14:13 EDT 2004

hi Matt and all,
I've heard alot of talk of people switching from Mig
to MMP(??) pigments and I've heard good things about
the pigments Sanjeev mentioned specifically because
they stick better to the model. Could you repeat the
name Sanjeev? 
BTW, thanks for the weathering description, I think
you and Lance and Karen and a few others here have
mastered the "just enough, but not too much" approach
to weathering.
cheers, tracy

Two brands come to mind.  The first one is used quite
a lot in
the armor modeling community.  In fact, everyone I
know swears by
them and uses them almost exclusively to weather. 
They are from
MIG Productions (http://www.migproductions.com/) and
are called
"Mig Pigments" (although unofficially they have become
to be
known as "MigMents" -
 There are a few articles written about how to use
them in
various guises - out of the bottle straight or diluted
practically anything (water, alcohol, etc.)

The other brand appears to be coming from Czechmaster.
 I saw
them listed on Hannants under "Future Releases" but
haven't heard
anything else from them.

I know there are other brands out there (as Sanjeev
pointed out)
but not sure about their consistency or anything like
that.  We
have a contest coming up in September (here in balmy
Nebraska, USA) and the only things I plan on
purchasing are some
of these "MigMents".  They're not cheap, which is why
I'll only
be buying them and nothing else ;-).

Matt Bittner

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