[WWI] New WWI Flyer

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Fri Aug 13 07:13:07 EDT 2004

> The Red Baron has a rival - an that cowl is definitely yellow!
> http://ds.dial.pipex.com/prod/dialspace/town/walk/xtv16/red_baroness.JPG

Lovely foe! I'm sure that he would have surrendered for her smile.

> Back-Up aircraft is designed for fighting over oilseed-rape fields!!
> http://ds.dial.pipex.com/prod/dialspace/town/walk/xtv16/yellow.JPG

Is that the famous yellow-varnished aint scheme of the French? Let's keep
that in mind for when the Spad VII gets on the bench.
Great pictures, beautiful girl and bad weather! Sheesh, as a responsible
father you should yake your kid outside on sunny days, not when it's

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