[WWI] Time to bash Rick : [WAS] Weathering

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 03:25:53 EDT 2004

Rick says:

>I think I will reverse my opinion here. I know that if I add a Model to my 
>site on the List and get NO COMMENTS, I start to look for how bad it looks. 
>Perhaps unsolicited Critique is not that bed. I would personally rather be 
>told to work on my paint than hear nothing!

So this inspired me to look at the rogues gallery to make critical commenst 
about your dress sense but drats, foiled by the absence of a photo :-(

THEN I reckoned to make helpfull critique of your models in the gallery, and 
I *did* come up with a question or two...

1. The Hans Adam D.V is really nice. I collect techniques for painting wood 
finishes from people who seem to have figured it out - care to expand on how 
it was done? Then I can try it and balls that up too.

2. I have the Special Hobby SPAD 7 (okay, I have a few) and I want to build 
one or more using the Americals Storks decals. Have heard conflicting 
opinions about how well it goes together, would like to hear your story 
(probably already did but I blew out my short term memory at a party in 

3. Looking at all four models I have one criticism. Did you know that back 
in 1914-18 the invariable had a fan at one end or the other ?



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