[WWI] Weathering - Realism - Accuracy - &c.

Razonjim razonjim at centurytel.net
Fri Aug 13 00:24:44 EDT 2004


I'm an modeling "Includer", I even tolerate Sci-Fi - albeit just
barely.  The weathering question was an issue back in 1966 when I first
joined IPMS and began to converse and correspond with others similarly
afflicted with this modeling bug.  Up until then, I had been a lone
wolf, doing my own thing, building models of subjects that I liked, the
way I liked, with only a very few magazines for support.  I still build
models for myself.  If others like the way I do things, that's great; if
not. that's their problem.  But I love looking at the models of others,
however they've done them, to let myself be exposed to new and different
ways of doing things and adopting the ways that appeal to me.  Study
them all and learn from them all that you can to help you enjoy your
modeling more.  You can learn as much from a truly bad model as you can
from a truly great model.

Discussing and critiquing models is a great hobby in its own right.  I
invite my peers to critique each of my models whilst they're in work.
An example:  When I was about 75% finished with a Gato class sub, I put
it out on the table at a meeting with a legal pad and a pencil and
invited everybody to give it their best/worst shot.  I got seven pages
of comments; only a few were in a wise-ass vein.  All but one of the
suggestions was incorported and I would have included that one but it
was too late to do so.  I believe that if you see a good model, built by
someone in your circle, that you know could be better, you are obliged
to offer a gratuitous critique in an atmosphere of constructive
feedback.  Serious modelers will consider the source (you) and either
appreciate the critique or dismiss it without comment or ill feelings.

So - bottom line - if you've a comment to make, go ahead and do it.  At
the very least it will provoke discussion and that's always good; and
this is a good forum for critiques and discussions.


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