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Michael Scott mds549 at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 12 16:45:25 EDT 2004

Work yesterday afternoon. Go to club meeting last night. Work this morning and a peek at the list revealed "Weathering..."; "Go to your room...", etc. Wow! Real discussions.
Reading through this stuff it appears to me that the main threads are:
1. If you don't have anything nice to say about a model/technique, don't say anything.
2. If the modeler says it's o.k., then say what you think, but be nice.
3. It's o.k. to say whatever but be respectful and helpful or instructive.
4. Artistic license is just that: license and only the artist is responsible and you can like it or not, no big deal.
5. Scale models will ALWAYS fall short of close approximations of reality. No surprise there.
6. Critique (criticism in some sense) is good, but should be definite as to application, i.e. critique of painting techniques and color should not be confused with "scale reality". And vice versa.
My view is that there are basically two (perhaps more?) worlds - "scale reality" in which one attempts to get as close as possible to representing the real item, and, secondly, modeling expertise which deals with how well one paints, constructs, decals, scratchbuilds, etc. without reference to "scale reality". Criticism should be directed, openly, to either or both, but don't bring "scale reality" criticism to topics of expertise.
I agree with Shane in that criticism/critique well meant is the meat of groups like ours and without it, I don't see how I will learn to be the modeler I would like to become.

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