Shine was[WWI] virtual Fokker DVII

NEIL CRAWFORD neil.crawford at
Thu Aug 12 16:42:02 EDT 2004

Mike made a very good point, WW1 aircraft were doped,
so generally quite glossy. Much more so than WW2 aircraft,
which is an important thing for newcomers to WW1 to learn.
Shane was talking about this, and it is vital that an
urban myth about overall dull varnished WW1 is scuppered
before it starts. My fellow judge at the Stockholm show
wanted to knock off points from two lovely WW1 aircraft
because they were too shiny. I had to explain that
there are no rules for WW1 shine, they often were unevenly
shiny, Dicta Ira etc. And mark that this guy is one of Swedens
absolute top modellers, but tends to WW2 and airliners.
It wasn't a big deal, we were in total agreement about 
most things, but does show how little even good modellers
know about WW1.
/Neil C.

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