[WWI] Weathering

Will Hendriks whendriks at shaw.ca
Thu Aug 12 14:52:07 EDT 2004

"Bittner, Matthew E. (KTR)~U" wrote:

> > At our IPMS club, we have a rule that unless the model builder asks for criticism, it should not be given.
> >   Naturally, there is some obvious downside: namely, feedback and hints about improvement will be forgone.
> We have that general rule as well in our club.
As do we. Unfortunately this rule came about only through the
unfortunate actions of a few individuals, who were very free to
criticize people's work in a very loud and obnoxious manner. They are
also the last ones to bring their own work out for scrutiny (if they
even build at all!). I am sure every club has its share of these kind of

That said, there is usually an air of good will and mutual respect at
our meetings, accompanied by free discussion and sharing of ideas,
techniques, and so on. Happily the vast majority of members still seek
advice and/or criticism, in order to learn. Their skills and models
improve greatly as a result. Those that do not soon find that there is
(they believe) little benefit, and soon depart.


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