[WWI] virtual Fokker DVII

tskio4 at cox.net tskio4 at cox.net
Thu Aug 12 14:43:38 EDT 2004

Also > any thoughts on the use of Litespan as this will be my first crack at it.
> Balsarite will be the adhesive of choice.

Doug, I did the Dare Wright flyer back in late 02 early 03 for the centenial celebrations.  
My BIGGEST disappointment is that Mr Trittle designs the plans by HAND and someone at DARE designs the parts in autocad and laser cuts them from their interpretation of Trittles' plans.  The net result was that the wing chord was shorter than the plans indicate.  And no one QC'd the drawings because the main wing to landing skid supports were a full 1/4 inch off.  Instead of gluing to the spars, they fell out in the middle of the litespan covering.

And litespan is FUN  just brush on the balsarite, let it dry then iron the litespan as if it were anyother monocote like product.  If your plans call for struts to join upper and lower wings. eithe cut a hole inthe litespan and get a wood to wood joint OR add balsalock on the strut points so that the litespan will adhear to the strut.  My first go on the flyer ALL of the struts on the mains spar would lift the fabrick right off the wing.  Ended up flowing CA under each joint


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