[WWI] virtual Fokker DVII

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What's interesting is they give you two oval laser cut parts that are the
ends of the tank. Then they give you two rectangular pieces to use. Just not
quite sure how they function as the plans don't give any details and there
is nothing in the instruction sheet. Other than that I haven't had any
trouble with the kit. It is easy to build. Just my fingers are used to
working with 1/6 and larger models, so dealing with this lightweight thin
balsa has been a bit of a trick! Carved foam may be the best answer yet! I
hadn't even though of that for some dumb reason. And I think I have some
Home Depot blue foam laying around from a Scout project.

Do you know anyone who is pre-shrinking Litespan before covering the model?
Sig's instruction in the Antoinette indicate that this works and helps to
prevent warps from shrinkage. Their reasoning is the original full scale
ship didn't have drum tight fabric so a couple of wrinkles in the model is
actually a scale feature!


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> All Dare kits are lightly constructed and also light on
> the instructions. I've seen a Demoiselle fly and they're
> good in the air. As for the tank, I'd just do you best.
> Since it's decorative, I'd fall back on the 'carve out of
> a block of blasa/foam' method if none it shown.
> Litespan is not too bad to use. Balsaloc/rite is the
> correct way to apply it. Put it on as tight and wrinkle
> free as possible as you don't get much shrink.
> Sorry I don't have more help,
> Allan

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