John Huggins john at huggins-leahey.com
Thu Aug 12 09:46:38 EDT 2004

My understanding is that you can only claim one chapter as your 
affiliated chapter, but you can belong to as many chapters as you want 

In OKC, I believe there are two chapters.  I used to belong to both, as 
well as the chapter in Tucson.  If I entered a single entry, I had to 
list Tucson as  my chapter, but if either OKC chapter was doing 
something, I could join in as a member of that club, I just couldn't 
hold any office or position that was tied to the chapter.

It all gets confusing, and in some cases i don't really agree with the 
restrictions, but they are the rules.  I will ask National for better 
clarification on membership rules and let us know.

Right now, the issue was having 5 people who were not affiliated with 
another chapter to get us started.


On Aug 12, 2004, at 8:27 AM, Harris, Mack wrote:

> John, can you join if you're an IPMS member who is tied to another 
> chapter?
> thanks
> Mack

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