[WWI] Weathering

Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Thu Aug 12 07:56:08 EDT 2004

Neil, the elk molester, has all the blame for this thread.
The albatros model looks great. No real Albatros during wartime looked like
that, admittedly.
The weathering was done leaving the model (assembled) inside a pick up truck
going full throttle on a dust trail.
I hope -seriously!- that the modeler is on the list, lurking in the dark
corners, and jump in the spotlight, knife in hand, and cry "I DID IT!" with
a booming voice. Then critique or criticism could be inflicted without
remorse (how to fight with a man who's not there?) and we can discuss this
until we can learn something new, as I did after Jean Baptiste's explained
his models and intentions.
Are you still there Jean Baptiste? What do you think of the d*mned model?
What would think of it Mr. Hustad if he were still here? What would say St.
Harry if he would descend upon us?
And yes, I admit it, I understand Warren Dickinson. And Ken. And Shane, and
Bob Laskodi and Pedro and Neils from both hemispheres.

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