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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 03:30:03 EDT 2004

Will says:

>A combination of pre- and post shading also shows good results, as
>illustrated by Gregg Cooper's build of the Eduard Ni.11.

Yes, a nice exposition of several techniques, and a beautifull model. It's 
subtle where need be IMO and daring where Gregg wanted it to be (the edge 
tapes showing through the red)

>I guess the trick is to obtain a balance
>between what appears reasonably realistic as opposed to a model that may
>otherwise appear featureless and toy-like, or one that looks like it is
>undergoing a mud-pack facial.

As Bob would no doubt point out, it's trickier than that still, because it 
needs to hit the happy medium in the opinion of the *builder*

Which may be different from my opinion, which is the joy of it all because 
there's room for variety and discussion, and trying different ways to 
acheive the same, or different results

>The use of washes and drybrushing also look better (to me) when a subtle
>application is used. Just when you think a little more will do, stop. It
>is very easy to overdo it.

This is of course painfully true whatever level of weathering (or shading, 
not the same thing) you want to have.  Painfully because I've had to repaint 
models more than once...


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