[WWI] Weathering

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 02:27:53 EDT 2004

Bob (following a nicely reasoned discourse) says:

>It was that modelers choice on how they wanted
>the model built. For those of you that strive for the utmost in "historical
>accuracy", I salute you! But please don't expect me (or any one else) to
>build my models with the same philosophy that you do.

Now *this* is an argument as old as the list. I can recall frequent 
copmplaints from those not interested in discussing the details of real WW1 
aircraft that "it's only a model, so shut up about it"

Now, I'm absolutely happy for modellers to paint their models in polka dots, 
weather them with bass brooms or send them into orbit on a firecracker if 
that's what they like to do, but let us remember that the modelling 
fraternity includes people with a wide variety of ways of enjoying the hobby 
and those who sweat the details, or prefer a finish which looks like a 
particular photo (or like a brand new plane, or a wreck or whatever).

All are equally entitled to have and discuss their opinions.

Which is indeed, exactly what you say  but don't apparently allow me.

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