[WWI] Weathering

Robert Laskodi laskodi at launchnet.com
Thu Aug 12 02:17:26 EDT 2004

<<<How far are we going to take this exception to a lack of realism?
Now, I admit, I wouldn't paint my Albatros like that, even if I were 
capable, which I'm not.  However, as far as art is concerned, I think it has

a lot of merit.
Take a look at Steve Hustad's stuff, of which I am an admirer: I think his 
model's are exquisite. Look at the Japanese models he's done - the paint 
weathering is  striking but has more of an "Impressionistic"  feel to it.  
Are they "Realistic"?  Not really IMO.  But I don't see people writing 
critiques of Mr. Hustad's models for lack of realism.>>>

Ahhhhh, at least one list member has seen my point! I see constant
references on this list (and many other modeling forums) that "scale models"
must be "historically accurate", but my response to that is: I have never
seen any requirement from any accepted modeling organization that states
that all "scale models" must be "historically accurate"! Quite frankly, I am
stupefied by the attitude of some people that a model that is not
"historically accurate" is not a "good" model. Especially given the fact
that it virtually impossible (given today's technology) to produce a model
that is completely accurate in scale and coloration. Virtually every detail
(from panel lines, to instrument dials, to landing gear covers, etc.) on a
model is not to scale! Nor can the subtle coloration found on the genuine
article be faithfully reproduced in scale. That's because if it was truly to
scale, you likely wouldn't see it (and that would be boring)! So these items
are exaggerated by modelers to provide a "feeling" that they are present.
Mr. Hustad is, IMNSHO, probably the greatest modeler I know of (who's stuff
I've actually seen) and his approach to "coloring" and "weathering" is
simply beautiful, but far from realistic (IMNSHO) given the stark contrasts
he presents in his models. And how many first place modeling trophies does
this guy have! Where is the line drawn with respect to realism versus
artistic ability? That is something that each modeler needs to decide on
their own, and it is inappropriate for any one else to decide for them, or
basically ridicule their choices. That is why the comments regarding the
Albatros stick in my craw. It was that modelers choice on how they wanted
the model built. For those of you that strive for the utmost in "historical
accuracy", I salute you! But please don't expect me (or any one else) to
build my models with the same philosophy that you do.

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