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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 01:56:57 EDT 2004

Ken says:

>Are we gwinst dix-cuss the dadburn weathering or not?

Hokay. I can think of six ways to get something along this line

1. Preshade with an airbrush.
2. Postshade with an airbrush
3. Drybrush with one of those hairy sticks
4. Build it up with pastel applied by brush, sponge or whatever
5. Use artists oils, prepaint with enamel and then shade it by overpainting 
translucent washes the way that figure painters do.
6. Glazes - multiple translucent coats, of something like tinted future, 
especially on the wings

1. Preshading gets bad press, often because it's so overdone that the lines 
of black (or whatever) used in preshading stand out like fencelines. It can 
produce wondrous effects though when the modeller hits the nail on the head

2. Postshading is scarcely mentioned and probably mostly the preserve of the 
seriously skilled airbrush user. It needs a bit more precision when applying 
teh shading because it's on top, and mistakes are all there for everyone to 
see, whereas if you overdo the preshade it largely disappears under the 
colour coat (or should)

3. I'm hopeless with a brush, but it is feasible to shade using a bristle 
brush. I'd *guess* that that sort of effect is possible using dry brushing 
and artists oils because I've seen it done brilliantly on a submarine model. 
Not by me, however.

4. Pastels. Hell, I can do something close to that with pastels, but the 
finish is fragile and tends to disappear if you try to use fixative over it. 
  Maybe that's to the good, because you get a chance to back off on the 
effect after the usual (by me) tendency to overdo it.

5. I've seen effects like that done with oils blended into oils. I can do it 
myself on small areas (54mm scale uniforms) but it's take more than my 
skills to repeat on a 1/48 Albatros

So....that's five possible ways to weather and some combination of those 
plus, perhaps, washes, pencils, watercolour pencils etc etc. was used.

Anyone know which?

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