[WWI] Weathering

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 00:26:51 EDT 2004

Rick says

>I think that the Key is to criticise when asked, in a supportive way.

There is a world of difference between cristicism, and critique. The later 
implies constructive discussion, the former does not.

>As others have said, the skill level to acheive the "LOOK" of this model is 

The way you constructed your email makes it appear that I wasn't one of 
those "others" whereas in fact I've praised the technique, and indeed, like 
you and Ken would like to know how it was achieved.

As for criticising only when asked - it seems to me that critique in this 
forum is almost dead if polite discussion of a model not even made by a 
listee is to require permission from the owner.

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