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Rick Geisler ragfokker at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 22:04:45 EDT 2004

Shane Wrote:

>Hi all
>Something from Paul Cotcher which may be of interest. I am a great believer 
>in the UK system of model shows because of the club and SIG display stands, 
>and our show in Brisbane is modelled on the same lines. This was posted on 
>Hyperscale today - it'd be nice for the new Internet WW1 SIG to display and 
>give a great meeting and greeting point
>We are very much encouraging a display area like the UK nats has for next 
>summer's nationals here in Atlanta.
>Yes we'll still have the contest, and a big one at that. Some people do 
>like it, most have come to at least "understand" the judging system, but 
>still don't like it, but that's kind of beside the point.
>The tables in the display only area can be purchased/reserved by clubs, 
>sigs, or just a group that wants to display a bunch of 1/48 Me109s.
>This is something that we feel is very important for the continued growth 
>of the IPMS show, as all along folks have been asking for the display area. 
>Typically they get thousands of models at the display stands at Telford 
>each year... There's no reason we can start to go the same direction!
>Note that we've setup forums on the website to discuss these displays, 
>allowing groups to coordinate their displays leading up to the show.
>So in a nutshell, we're trying to do both, keep the contest stong, but then 
>also grow the display that nicely compliments the contest...
>Very much looking forward to it!

Glad you posted this link. I saw this and thought it would be great for our 
group! I do not enter contests anymore, but I do like to show my Stuff. 
Count me in on the WW1 IPMS group, and also for a group display.
Rick G.

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