[WWI] Weathering

MARK MILLER mark_.m at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 11 20:45:52 EDT 2004

--- Pedro Soares <pnsoares at netcabo.pt> wrote:
> As much as I agree with you that the weathering is done to an
> high degree of workmanship, far surpassing my skills, I do
> think it is to much. 

Yeah - what Pedro said
That Dva is realy a beautifuly model.
And it's nice to see somebody pushing the limits like this.
But, if we are talking about an aircraft service during WW1,
then yes, the weathering is too heavy.
Sorry, but I am pretty darn sure it would never have looked like

maybe it just needs a little change of venue
Stick it in a barn with a bunch of clutter, boxes, and rusted
out farm equipment. maybe half cover it with an old tarp or
Like it's been sitting there forgotten for 80 years.
Because, to my eye, that is what it looks like.

Actualy sounds like a winner to me :-)

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