[WWI] Re: Dithering

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Wed Aug 11 19:53:09 EDT 2004

The Grump says:

> But...if someone experienced has the guts to comment *with some 
> restraint*
> on the correctness of the model I immediately learn not to make that
> assumption.

*raises hand*

What if someone has the guts but absolutely NO restraint - none, 
And still would like to dixguss, perchance to re-do the subject field?
Whilst learning?
(whilst, mind)

Know what I think is a trick?
You diorama builders out there just saw an interpretation, described 
yesterday as
"Barn Falls On Aircraft, World Wonders".

And there you has it.

What interests me is everything is *there* for Bruno's a/c.
You can still see that misbehaver.
A little adjustment on the fine tuning knobbers, and you has you a 
proper treat.

Overdoing it is subjective - we are quick to scurry to not offend as we 
offend anyhoo.
I thought he did alright - I just don't like it - but everything is 
there that should be there.
Everybody seems to *know* when someone catches it just right.

"How'd he do that?"


Ken, The Donkey

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