[WWI] [WWI Digest] Martha Gets Sent To Her Room

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 19:49:03 EDT 2004

Ken says

>I thought it was overdone.

>I'd like to know (and dixguss) how it *is* done,
>as doing it "wrong" is one way of learning how to do it "right".

Me too. I've tried this, on ground targets, with some limited success. I'd 
like to have the control to acheive the smae level of skill

>Sat here for three digests wondering whether to weather
>and it looks like the list will perhaps engage...

Will it?

Okay, here's my *opinion*

I think the majority of us do *some* weathering, because we like it that 
way. Others prefer the look of a pure clean model. I see no reason to say 
either is incorrect in any way because the photographic record shows both 

Some of us prefer heavily weathered models. If that is their preference I 
have no objection - I'll congratulate them on their work and admire the 
model. But...if it extends way beyond the photographic record I will *not* 
stay quiet and allow other people to assume this to be historically 

The model may well still be beautifull (and almost certainly the model will 
look more realistic to modernm eyes) but it will be an artistic impression, 
not a scale model *IMO*

A caveat. I may not be right in declaring a model "overdone". Dissent is 
*welcome* and I'm just as happy to discuss modelling as history OR as art

>Never seen one like that.
>First reaction: WTF?
>Second reaction: ok, how'd he do that?

Yes, that's about where I fell too. But my guesses are just that. I'd like 
to know...

>toad paste, huh. hmmm. Is it a Euphoric?

Not for the toad


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