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Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 18:36:58 EDT 2004

Bob says:

>wasn't started by the person who did the model and serves no useful purpose
>other than to criticize that model, IMNSHO.

It serves the purpose of education very well. Say I was a complete tyro, 
come to WW1 modelling from the WW2 armour modelling fold. One look at that 
model convinces me that my techniques are appropriate to WW1 aircraft, so 
away I go.

But...if someone experienced has the guts to comment *with some restraint* 
on the correctness of the model I immediately learn not to make that 
assumption. Indirectly, discussion of the model is teaching a third person. 
It teaches those discussing it directly too, because there is no guarantee 
that there won't be proponents as well as critics - maybe the critic is 
*wrong* and will learn a lesson too.

The same goes for every model we see here. I *really* wish someone had had 
the balls to tell me (directly or indirectly)  that streaky dope over CDL 
isn't appropriate to Fokker Dr.1 and D.VII axle wings. It would have saved 
me scrapping several models which were otherwise quite nice.

I have despaired of getting that sort of helpfull criticism here any more, 
so I tried to get some with the Roden D.VII build which is partly documented 
on the site. No amount of prodding brought out a dissenting voice, so I quit 
documenting it. Que sera, but the loving unhelpfulness of my friends grates.

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