[WWI] Weathering

Bridgeman-Sutton, Aidrian ABridgeman-Sutton at semprautilities.com
Wed Aug 11 16:42:32 EDT 2004

>>I think it is very inappropriate and in very poor taste for this forum
to be
used as a method for critiquing/commenting on other persons opinion on
heavily weathered models. It is quite obvious that whether you agree or
disagree with that particular style of weathering, that the modeler who
finished that is of quite high skill and should be commended on that
and not on their particular choice of weathering styles. <<

If offering a not too ungentle critique of a publicly displayed model is
not appropriate for the list, what is? If someone's is going to enter
models in a competition they'd better have a thick skin; sure as eggs,
someone else is going to have an opinion that the builder's mother won't

Sometimes I learn from others in terms of what I might want to avoid in
my own work as well as what I want to emulate. The skill in application
is not being questioned - the appropriateness of the technique and the
overall effect are. Demonstrating great skill does not always lead to
perfectly commendable results - my great-uncle Fred's cousin's husband's
brother-in-law was apparently a very accomplished safecracker. 


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