[WWI] Weathering

Eduard Werner edi.werner at gmx.de
Wed Aug 11 11:28:22 EDT 2004

Srjedu 11 awgusta 200418:13, NEIL EDDY pisaše:
> I reckon its overdone. On an accuracy note, would an fabric doped aeroplane
> have been allowed up in that condition?

I guess so. The P-40s during WWII even got "fixed" with sellotape and chewing 
gum, and I reckon a fabric-covered airplane would look like this after a year 
in the open. I really don't know how often the planes had to repainted, but I 
guess it was pretty often. The weathering might be overdone for a normal 
plane in action, but I'm still amazed at the skill and craftmanship of the 
modeller. And of course, the photos we know were usually taken from planes in 
good working condition -- do we actually know what was being used with spare 
resources under war conditions?

BTW, my R/C Fokker E-III looked more worn after a two years w.o. being 
airborne. (Almost crashed her today after trying to fly a roll with only 
elevator and rudder -- no wing-warping there.)



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