Lance Krieg lance.krieg at amerus.com
Wed Aug 11 10:20:14 EDT 2004

It was 1/48, and all the planes were scratched to match the movie - note
the ailerons on those wings that would ordinarily be warped.

Incidentally, all the control surfaces of Dr. WIlliams' planes are
rigged to move, so you can push the left aileron down, and the right
goes up.

It was quite a diorama, indeed!

>>> BITTNERM at stratcom.mil 8/11/04 8:54:27 AM >>>
One of the Nats attendees - what scale was the Magnificent Men in their
Flying Machines in?  Were all the aircraft scratch built?  It's an
awesome concept and a dio well done.

Matt Bittner

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