[WWI] People's Revolutionary Army R. E. 8 at 2004 Nats

SSH ot811 at msbx.net
Wed Aug 11 08:30:37 EDT 2004

>>>> can you tell your process for this? How
> much is airbrush, pastels, etc? 
    The PC-10 paint is Gunze acryl olive drab, and some areas are lightly sprayed with Pollyscale PC-10 which has a lot of green (too green for my taste).  The CDL is Misterkit British CDL.
The wing upper surfaces are shaded with the airbrush - a lighter coat for the ribs, and a darker coat in the valleys in between.  Similar but opposite treatment for the wing under surfaces.
The grey metal panels on the fuselage are Gunze RLM03 (If I recall right), and Gunze Olive green.
For weathering, rust, and soiling effect, I mainly used a dry brushing powder that is popular with railroad modellers - it is not pastel ground.  mine is made by Bragdon, and comes in various colours.  I used it mainly to simulate the grime, and to highlight some of the details.
I also used some oils to simulate rust. 
    I will be putting up a few photos eventually.

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