[WWI] Nieuport Progress

Eric Gallaud egallaud at club-internet.fr
Wed Aug 11 06:11:02 EDT 2004

My progress is slower but I will close the fuselage of my triplane today !!!

All the best

Dickinson a écrit:

>Good Morning List!
>      Progress?  Well, kinda, sorta.  The upper wing marches on.  I got
>the new ribs done with HSP yesterday, will have to redo some due to over
>enthusiastic sanding, but they are OK.  Question:  How do ya'll do those
>little "riblets" between the full ribs?
>   Also, I suppose the best way to replicate the rib tapes on the
>underside would be with decal strips.  Apply to bare plastic and paint.
>Apply to bare plastic and then use Mr. Surfacer?  (I'm going to us it in
>the upper part of the wing.)
>Off to work now 

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